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Genomic Standards Consortium’s Genome Catalogue – latest release

The latest release of the Genomic Standards Consortium Genome Catalogue is now available: Features are described in the GSC wiki

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Genomic Standards Consortium Publications

The current GSC publication list: The MIGS manuscript: The Nature Biotech community consultation concluded April 19th, 2007. Decision by NBT pending. GSC Meeting Reports Dawn Field, George Garrity, Tanya Gray, Jeremy Selengut, Peter Sterk, Nick Thomson, Tatiana Tatusova, Guy Cochrane,

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Genomic Standards Consortium and the EnvO (Environmental Ontology)

EnvO (Environmental Ontology) is a collaboration between many individuals and groups interested in how we describe the environment. The EnvO project homepage is currently under construction. Contact Norman Morrison for further details: morrison at The Genomic Standards Consortium will

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Query the Web – Genomic Standards Consortium mashup

  A new mashup function has been added to the Genome Catalogue that combines content from sites including NCBI Genome Project, PubMed, Flickr and even YouTube video! You can either enter your own search term, or else link to the

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The Macaque Genome

The rhesus macaque monkey (Macaca mulatta) genome was described in the 13th April issue of Science Magazine. Genome report for Macaca mulatta: gcat/report/002485_GCAT/html Genome wiki page: /gcat/report/002485_GCAT/html Genome mashup for macaque genome: /mashup?query=macaque%20genome,  returned the following three

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