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GSC FAQ available to give a quick overview of all GSC activities

The GSC FAQ is now available, and provides a quick overview of all GSC activities.

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Members of GSC working to complete example MIGS/MIMS report in ISA-Tab format

The RSBI working group has proposed an “Investigation Study Assay” paradigm for the modularization of minimum information checklists to accomodate reporting of multi-omic studies. This “ISA” construct is now also recognized by MIBBI. The GSC’s MIGS checklist was specifically revised

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Open call for development of a short list of habitat terms: Habitat-Lite

Further information: Habitat-Lite The GSC is interested in the description of ‘sample’ including the habitat. We are therefore exploring the creation of a limited list of terms for describing habitat. Increasingly, short lists of habitat terms are being used to

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