Argonne Activities at SC12

Open call for development of a short list of habitat terms: Habitat-Lite

Further information: Habitat-Lite The GSC is interested in the description of ‘sample’ including the habitat. We are therefore exploring the creation of a limited list of terms for describing habitat. Increasingly, short lists of habitat terms are being used to

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5th GSC Workshop

The 5th GSC Workshop is underway. The workshop will run from 12-14th December, and is hosted at the EBI in Hinxton. The GSC wiki will be updated during the workshop. For further information visit

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GSC BoF at ISMB/ECCB 2007 & the Environmental Ontology workshop

The Genomic Standards Consortium held a Birds of a Feather meeting at ISMB/ECCB 2007. There were three presentations, and a discussion led by Robert Stevens. Presentation slides can be downloaded from the GSC wiki: Presentation Slides * Tatiana Tatusov slides

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Genomic Standards Consortium and the EnvO (Environmental Ontology)

EnvO (Environmental Ontology) is a collaboration between many individuals and groups interested in how we describe the environment. The EnvO project homepage is currently under construction. Contact Norman Morrison for further details: morrison at The Genomic Standards Consortium will

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