GCDML and GSC 6 workshops start this week (Oct 13, 2008)

We are looking forward to seeing everyone this week starting with the GCDML technical workshop participants. We hope to get a lot done on Monday and Tuesday on GCDML before the main workshop starts.

The agendas for both meetings are now available on the web and have been ‘wikified’ to add live links and other relevant information so we can use them as a central source of information during the workshop.


The three day workshop is packed with short talks in the first two days to maximize exchange of information and the formulation of ideas, but there is also time for discussion. The third day, as always, is set aside for discussion and strategy development and is really when much of the lasting work gets done. We will split the morning into technical (GCDML) and strategic sessions and then rejoin to map out the next stage of the GSC roadmap.

As background to the workshop the GSC homepage has a new page to serve as a portal into all GSC projects.

GSC Projects

Links to the MIGS paper in Nat Biotech and the OMICS special issue including papers on the core GSC project are found on the home page.

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