GSC18 Agenda and Speakers

GSC18 preparations are continuing full speed! A summary agenda is now made available, following this link:

We are also happy to announce that the list of speakers is now complete. During the three-day workshop, we will hear from:

Keynote Speakers

  • Arianna Broggiato – The Nagoya Protocol: Responsible and Ethical Global Sampling
  • Nicky Mulder Standards Initiatives in H3ABioNet
  • Phil Hugenholtz: Genomic Taxonomy, from Genus to Domain.
  • Christos Ouzounis: Microbial Ecology in Greece and Bioinformatics
  • Daniele Daffonchio: Extreme Environments and Microorganisms

Session Speakers

  • Anastasis Oulas, HCMR, GR
  • Antonio Fernandez-Guerra, MM-MPI, DE
  • Aspasia Nisiotou, Nat Inst Agronomy, GR
  • Claire Nedeléc, INRA, FR
  • Danilo Ercolini, Uni Naples, IT
  • Dimitra Manou, AUTH, GR
  • Donovan Parks, ACE, AU
  • Evangelos Pafilis, HCMR, GR
  • Folker Meyer, ANL, US
  • Frank Oliver Glöckner, MM-MPI, DE
  • George Garrity, SIGS, US
  • Georgios Kotoulas, HCMR, GR
  • Georgios Tsiamis, Uni Patras, GR
  • Guy Cochrane, EBI, UK
  • Ilene Mizrachi, NCBI, US
  • Jim Cole, MSU, US
  • Klaas Deneudt, VLIZ, BE
  • Konstantinos Kormas, Uni Thessaly, GR
  • Lynn Schriml, UMB, US
  • Manolis Ladoukakis, Uni Crete, GR
  • Manolis Mandalakis, HCMR, GR
  • Neil Davies, UCB, US
  • Nicolas Tsesmetzis, Shell, UK
  • Nikolaos Nikolaidis, TUC, GR
  • Nikos Kyrpides, JGI, US
  • Pascal Hingamp, Uni Méditerranée, FR
  • Pantelis Katharios, HCMR, GR
  • Pavlos Pavlidis, ICS FORTH, GR
  • Pelin Yilmaz, MM-MPI, DE
  • Petra ten Hoopen, EBI, UK
  • Phillip Goldstein, Uni Colorado, US
  • Pier Buttigieg, AWI, DE
  • Renzo Kottmann, MM-MPI, DE
  • Rob Finn, EBI, UK
  • Scott Tighe, Uni Vermont, US
  • Simon Claus, VLIZ, BE
  • Wiebe Koiistra, SZN, IT

Remember to register for the meeting at:

For further details like accommodation, flights, and information about Crete , please visit our meeting website:

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