Minimum Information about a Genome Sequence/ Minimum Information about a Metagenomic Sequence/Sample

Some pointers to resources to retrieve, visualize and explore the MIGS/MIMS specification:

Introduction to MIGS/MIMS

GSC Wiki page describing MIGS/MIMS

MIGS/MIMS XML Schema web service

The MIGS/MIMS XML schema can be downloaded via a URL-based web service. The web service API is described in the GSC wiki.


The same web service allows the XML schema to be downloaded as a comma separated text file (csv) that can be imported into a spreadsheet application, including Google Docs.

GSC Wiki page describing web service to download MIGS XML schema and CSV file

MIGS XML schema download

The following link also allows the XML schema file to be downloaded:

Download latest MIGS XML schema file


MIGS/MIMS graph visualization

Graph visualization of latest MIGS schema (Java applet)

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