Minimum Information about a Genome Sequence/ Minimum Information about a Metagenomic Sequence/Sample

Some pointers to resources to retrieve, visualize and explore the MIGS/MIMS specification:

Introduction to MIGS/MIMS

The information in MIGS/MIMS is intended to be used in comparative genomic and metagenomic analysis, provide a better understanding of the source of each genome and enable us to situate genomes and metagenomes in their geospatial and temporal contexts (when relevant) through the specification of geographic location and sampling date.

MIGS Minimum Information about a Genome Sequence

MIMS Minimum Information about a Metagenome Sequence

MIGS/MIMS Packages at NCBI

MIGS/MIMS specifications have been incorporated into the MIxS standard (MIxS GitHub).

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